Can You Tell What’s Different About This Guy? Probably Not, But A Closer Look Will Blow Your Mind.

Nine years ago, something happened to this young man that would forever change his life. He and his cousin were playing out in the yard, just doing normal things kids do, when they found some pieces of metal. Being young boys, they decided to start throwing the metal and attempting to hit them with baseball bats. At the last second, his cousin hit a piece of metal too late and it ricocheted left, across 70 feet of driveway, and sliced him in the eye.

But by looking at this picture… you would never be able to tell.

He looks completely normal, right? (Nice shirt. I see what you did there.)

He actually has a prosthetic eye (you may be creeped out). His new model is so good, you can’t even tell it’s fake.

The prosthesis was made starting with the base color of the boy’s eye.

She used something similar to acrylic paints.

The devil is in the details…

Numbing drops were placed in his bad eye, then (prepare yourself) a mold was placed onto his eyeball.

They combined the perfectly painted eye with the mold.

Then, she added finishing touches to the eye to make sure it matched the other.

Slight discoloration and veins were added.

And a Triforce. Of course. (It’s not visible, it’s just used so he knows which way is up. And so he can be the Hero of Time.)

Side-by-side with the old prosthetic eye.


No one ever wants to lose a limb or eye,  but whenever there are talented people like this in the world that can make something almost 99% as good as the original… it makes the loss a little easier.


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