By Leaving A Note In An Airplane Bathroom, She Saved A Girl From Something Awful

Flight attendants like 49-year-old Shelia Fedrick aren’t only trained in the best techniques to ensure that all passengers are comfortable and safe during flights. They’re also given training on how to spot potentially dangerous situations.

A red flag went off in Fedrick’s mind when she noticed a young girl, only 14 or 15 years old, looking severely disheveled with greasy blonde hair. The man the girl had been traveling with was well groomed and dressed, and the distinct difference between the pair made Fedrick suspicious of a possible human trafficking incident.

After failed engagements with the pair during the flight, Fedrick left a note in one of the bathroom stalls, hoping to spark a secret interaction with the teen. When the flight attendant received a simple response, “I need help,” she quickly notified the pilot.

Upon landing in San Francisco, police were waiting and the young teen’s life was saved.


(via NBC News)

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It’s comforting to know that flight attendants are looking out for us in more ways than just keeping us fed and hydrated. Share this story if you think Fedrick made an incredible call!

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