Buckley AFB troops among Aurora movie theater shooting victims


Via Air Force Times:

Service members from Buckley Air Force Base, Colo., are among those injured in the early morning shooting Friday in Aurora, Colo. that left at least 12 people dead, base spokeswoman Master Sgt. Jill LaVoie said.

It is not yet known how many were injured or if they were all from the Air Force, LaVoie said. The shooting happened at a movie theater about five miles from the base.

“This tragic event has affected everybody here at Buckley Air Force Base and our local community friends and neighbors,” base commander Col. Daniel Dant said in a statement. “We are deeply saddened by the loss of each and every loved one. All military or their families affected can receive assistance through our base services. Please contact the base chapel 720-847-4631 if you or a loved one need assistance due to this event.”

OMG Troops Among the Casualties In the Theater Shooting #Aurora

— N.C (@neishadawn) July 20, 2012

Pentagon is saying that US troops are among the casualties inside the Aurora theater. Story just spirals into more tragedy by the second.

— Jessica Gonzalez (@HessicaGonzalez) July 20, 2012

Re-doubling our prayers for all the victims.

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