Britney Spears Lost A Chunk Of Hair During A Show But Kept On Dancing…

Talk about unflappable!

1. The show started off like any other…

Just another Piece of Me concert.

Britney enters from a giant ball to perform Work Bitch.

Nothing strange yet.

2. But then something happened while Britney was performing Do Somethin’.

Either a chunk of her hair extensions came lose, or Britney sprouted a tail.

3. Within moments, the hair broke free and hit the floor.

4. Let’s take a closer look.

5. But Godney couldn’t be stopped. She just walked it off.

6. And kept on dancing.

7. Because the girl had a show to put on. She couldn’t be distracted by a bit of hair on the floor.


Talk about a true professional!

8. Check out the video below.

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