Boehner’s office reportedly kept health exchange on hold for 35 minutes!/MacFarlaneNews/status/403659130885267456

As Twitchy reported, House Speaker John Boehner attempted to sign up for Obamacare today, a process he called a train wreck. Boehner encountered at least two error messages online before putting a call in to the help desk.

Scott MacFarlane of NBC Washington reports, though, that the DC Health Exchange had its own complaints, saying that Speaker Boehner’s office put a spokesman for the exchange on hold when he called back to attempt to complete Boehner’s application.!/MacFarlaneNews/status/403658949502582784!/MacFarlaneNews/status/403660015770152960

Being put on hold would be frustrating —almost as frustrating as having to call the help line after encountering multiple errors on a website which should work.

The problem now: will Boehner even know when he actually is enrolled?!/MacFarlaneNews/status/403659439204364289

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