Bob Beckel spoke to Sen. McCain about ‘Amazing Race’ disgrace; Updated!/RobertGBeckel/status/315203275400032256

Yesterday on “The Five,” Bob Beckel railed against CBS for glorifying communism on “The Amazing Race.” This afternoon, Beckel sent this message to his Twitter followers:

Just got off the phone with Sen. McCain. He agrees CBS should apologize to all Vietnam Vets. Ill tell you more on The Five #cbsapologize

@robertgbeckel leads us off on The Five in 5 mins.…

— Dana Perino (@DanaPerino) March 22, 2013

We’re looking forward to hearing what Beckel has to say.



Beckel kicked off “The Five” with another call for CBS to apologize, and he spoke of his conversation with Sen. McCain:

Viewers voiced their appreciation:

@robertgbeckel Keep up the fight about CBS.I am proud of [email protected]danaperino @ericbolling @greggutfeld @andreatantaros @kimguilfoyle

— jeddprice (@jeddprice) March 22, 2013

Bravo to @robertgbeckel : you are right on this “Amazing DISGRace” scandal. @cbs needs to apologize to AMERICA & our precious VETS! @foxnews

— Barry A Schlech (@FWproud) March 22, 2013

@robertgbeckel – Finally, Bob, we can stand united on the same thing at the same time. God Bless.

— wrichardf (@wrichardf) March 22, 2013

@robertgbeckel I don’t agree with you 99% of the time but on the CBS Vietnam issue You are 100% right! go get them!

— Tori Hart (@ToriHart4) March 22, 2013

@robertgbeckel Glad to see that you are tackling this issue #cbsapologize

— Dan (@flarepublican) March 22, 2013

@robertgbeckel I share your anger and thank you for taking CBS on over this. I fought over there for this crap? I think not#cbsapologize

— tom tollefson (@tatoll) March 22, 2013

@robertgbeckel I am 100% behind you on the amazing race/CBS thing. It’s so wrong & I hope you keep after them on this! Go, Bob!

— Julie Danielson (@JulieDanielson) March 22, 2013

@robertgbeckel thanks for speaking up for our vets #cbsapologize.Love “the five”

— KrL (@krl137) March 22, 2013

@robertgbeckel I think this may be the first time I have agreed with you! Thx for standing up for our troops!

— Lynn Albo (@lynalbo) March 22, 2013

@robertgbeckel while I don’t always agree with u I stand shoulder to shoulder with u against CBS. You are a great American!

— Kathy Campione (@GatorMom1983) March 22, 2013

@robertgbeckel GO BOB GO!! I’m sharing this with everyone I know. You’ve got a lot of support in Oklahoma! #cbsapologize

— Deb Morton OKC (@ou4JC) March 22, 2013

Credit where credit due. Good job @robertgbeckel .

— Hugo Hackenbush(@MangyLover) March 22, 2013

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