Being Short And Chubby Is A Struggle, Especially For These 22 Dogs And Cats

If you’re a vertically challenged chub like me, you know how difficult simple tasks can be.

Reaching tall shelves is an impossible feat, and fitting through narrow openings can be quite the challenge. It really wouldn’t be so bad, though, if I actually looked cute doing it. Although that’s not the case for me, it definitely is for these cats and dogs that know the struggle is so, so real.

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Prepare for a whole lot of giggling.

1. Even after this shorty reaches the ball, he just can’t seem to grab it.

2. This corgi is completely failing, but you have to admire his effort.

3. At this rate, he’ll be doing that dance forever.

4. I believe in you, buddy!


5. “I made it, Dad!”

Chunks, she never gives up

Reddit / Awards_from_Army

6. All he wants is to snuggle with his human.

7. “I can totally fit through dis.”


8. So close, yet so far.

9. I can’t stop watching all of the adorable wiggles.

10. “Don’t worry, I got this!”

11. This chubby bulldog swears that he doesn’t need any help.

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12. I guess you can forget about that vacation, nugget.

13. At least she’s trying.

14. You can do it…maybe.

15. This guy’s whole life is a struggle.


16. So much failure. So much.

17. Corgis and snow don’t exactly mix.


18. He was being so careful, too.

19. Clumsiness never looked so cute.


20. To her credit, it looks like the car was pretty slippery.

21. This poor thing can’t even roll over.


22. “Mom, a little help please?”

Who else is cracking up? I feel bad for laughing at them, but they’re just too hilarious.

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