Beautiful Short Film About A Teen Finding His Father’s ‘Ghost’ In An Old Racing Game

Have you ever had an experience while playing a computer game that was so transcendent, so powerful, that it could almost be described as spiritual? For one young man that was certainly the case when an old racing game brought his deceased father back into his life in a unique way.

Filmmaker John Wikstrom saw a comment on YouTube where a user called 00WARTHERAPY00 was responding to a post asking if gaming could ever be a spiritual experience. The comment had such an emotional impact on Wikstrom that he decided it deserved to be shared with the world. What he did was create this beautiful short film titled “Player Two.” I don’t want to spoil the story, but just know that you’ll be crying towards the end.


I can’t imagine how that must have felt, but it brought a tear to my eye!

Here’s the original comment that sparked the creation of this moving short:

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