Beachgoers Were In For A Shock When These Woodland Creatures Joined Them For A Swim

There’s nothing I enjoy more than a nice, relaxing day at the beach.

There’s just something so calming about the motion of the ocean and the feeling of your feet sinking into the wet sand. Perhaps the only downside to the beach is the fact that I was blessed with fair skin, so if i don’t constantly reapply sunscreen every 10 minutes, I’ll leave looking like a human tomato.

One thing you don’t expect to see at the beach is a family of bears, but that’s exactly what beachgoers near Lake Tahoe found when they arrived for a day of relaxation. Soaking up some rays, the family can be seen playfully swimming as though there’s no one else around.

I wonder if Goldilocks would think that this water is just right.

I guess humans aren’t the only ones who need a way to withstand the scorching summer heat. But bears, listen. Next time, just wear your swimsuits…okay?

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