Baby Clings To Life After Violent Parental Attack When He Wouldn’t Stop Crying

All parents know that crying is part of the territory when you have a baby.

Babies’ cries have developed to let parents know that something is wrong. Whether that’s a full diaper, needing to be fed, or just feeling bad, good parental instincts typically kick in right away to solve the problem.

In Wentzville, Missouri, however, police are dealing with one of the most horrific cases of child abuse they’ve ever seen after one father deliberately injured his son in an attempt to stop him from crying.

Robert James Burnette, the 19-year-old father, stuck his fingers all the way down his son’s throat in hopes of finding his “voice box” when the baby screamed.

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Burnette also shook the baby, threw him onto a bed, and picked him up by his neck. The baby’s mother, Megan L. Hendricks, watched the abuse happen and did not call the police.

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