Awesome: Col. Martha McSally, woman warrior, shreds ‘War on Women’ myth!/NRCC/status/261525986670153728

VIDEO “I’m a woman warrior. I’ve been fighting for women’s rights and women’s equality my whole life” @mcsallycongress

— NRCC (@NRCC) October 25, 2012

Martha McSally, who is running for Congress in Arizona’s 2nd District, is sick and tired of the Left pushing its ridiculous and utterly false claims of a GOP war on women. A retired U.S. Air Force colonel who was also the first woman to fly in combat and to command an Air Force fighter squadron, McSally has seen first-hand what real oppression of women looks like. And in a campaign speech, she absolutely decimated the Left’s “War on Women” myth:

Amazing. Conservatives were blown away by her eloquent throttling of liberal lies:

Leading by example: @mcsallycongress is the definition of American

— CSBilleter (@CSBilleter) October 25, 2012

Terrific Video dismissing faux war on womenMartha McSally: “That’s a war on women”: via @youtube

— QuestnFaith (@QuestandFaith) October 25, 2012

u gotta see this RT @secupp: This is FANTASTIC, must watch: Martha McSally: “That’s a war on women”: via @youtube

— Gerrit Lansing (@lansing) October 25, 2012

Her Woman Warrior comments were AWESOME! RT @shoshido: @bethanyshondark @secupp I just went to Martha McSally’s website & made a donation.

— Travis N. Taylor (@TNTPolitical) October 25, 2012

BOOM. Martha. McSally:… #MustWatch

— Nick Marcelli (@NickMarcelli) October 25, 2012

The definition of a leader: @mcsallycongress: The *real* war on women: #AZ02

— Daniel Scarpinato (@Scarpinato) October 25, 2012

This should be the GOP default response to the #waronwomen crap. Well done, @mcsallycongress.

— Tabitha Hale (@TabithaHale) October 25, 2012

Absolutely. Thank you, Col. McSally, for your dedicated service to this country and to women. We salute you.


@bethanyshondark @secupp I just went to Martha McSally’s website & made a donation. Plz RT & consider doing the same.

— Susan (@shoshido) October 25, 2012

To learn more about McSally and donate to her campaign, please visit her website.

My God, Martha McSally is amazing. Take a look.

— Susan (@shoshido) October 25, 2012

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