Anyone Who Sees This Man At The Cemetery Will Immediately Know What True Love Is.

After one man’s mother passed away, he discovered something incredible: that true love was real and it was right before his eyes. When Bennett’s mother was alive, his father only bought her flowers on special occasions. Now, he buys them every week and spends hours at her grave every day. He never used to cry… and now? He breaks down daily. He had true love and he knows it. This is his son’s experience through it all:

Do you believe in true love? I do now.

On December 17, 2012, my mom, Bonnie Kim, passed away unexpectedly from multiple organ failure, septic shock caused by unknown reasons at the age of 72. Our family spent six days in ICU thinking that her condition wasn’t too serious and believing that everything was going to be fine.

Working as a nurse her entire adult life, she provided financial stability for our family through tough times. Even though she always talked about how tiring and demanding her job was and how she was always in physical pain because of a bad back, she always managed to keep her sense of humor.

She loved Jersey Shore and kept me updated to the happenings of Snooki and The Situation. She could rattle off the stats of all the Lakers, Dodgers, and Raiders. Knowing the quirks of loved ones makes the relationship special.

“No one appreciated those quirks more than my dad, Chin Kim. It wasn’t always easy. As a kid, I remember my parents arguing all the time. For the last 20+ years of their 50 years together, though, they never argued. It was as if after some inflection point in their lives, they managed to transcend into the fairy-tale type of love. After they both retired, my parents spent every minute together.

Now that my mom has passed away, my dad visits her at the cemetery every day. He spends about four hours at the site watering and trimming the grass, polishing her grave marker, and camping out to look at old photos. It’s kind of ironic that he used to buy her flowers only on special occasions, but now he buys them every week. My dad was a man who never cried, but now he breaks down every day. He misses her dearly. We all miss her dearly.

Life is fragile. Don’t waste a moment holding grudges or worrying about the little things. Don’t screw up amazing relationships with impulsive temptations. Don’t be lazy. Be honest. Be bold. Most importantly, find somebody to love unconditionally

Bennett Kim”

True love is fleeting and we may only see once in a lifetime. It’s never to late to hold on to what matters… realize what you have before it’s gone in this life.

Bennett now shares stories similar to his parents’ story on his Facebook page called Onionflix.

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