Anti-Mormon libs flood #Romney_Bumperstickers hashtag with bigotry!/CletisStump/status/233358871350083584

Another day, another liberal hashtag steeped in bigotry.

Yesterday happy warriors on the Right suggested amusing slogans for #Obama_Bumperstickers. As the Left struggled to catch up with the #Romney_Bumperstickers hashtag, all the anti-Mormonism we’ve come to expect reared its vile head.

Here’s a sample of what passes for humor among hateful, intolerant lefties.

Lying Mormons > Blacks #Romney_Bumperstickers

— big bizzle (@thebigmic33) August 9, 2012

Predictably, the oh-so-clever tweets branded Romney a secret polygamist. Because, you know, all Mormons have sister-wives.

#Romney_Bumperstickers I wanna make Sarah Palin one of my wives. MORMON POWER

— King Tink (@Tink_Avi) August 9, 2012

#Romney_Bumperstickers My Sister-Wives And My Money Go To The Cayman Islands

— Sickroy (@Sickroy6) August 9, 2012

#Romney_Bumperstickers If you can read this, one of the wives fell off

— ross kostecky (@rkostecky) August 9, 2012

My Other Wives Are In The Shop #Romney_Bumperstickers

— Shoq (@Shoq) August 9, 2012

And, of course, they attempted to demonize Romney with the tired, hateful denigration of Mormon temple garments as “magic underwear.”

Magic Underwear on Board #Romney_Bumperstickers

— Mark Eaton (@Mark13Eaton) August 9, 2012

#Romney_Bumperstickers Hong if you like my Magic-Mormon Underwear!!!

— corvetteBeth (@corvetteBeth) August 9, 2012

I Hate BLACKS, MAGIC UNDERWEAR!, I'm Mormon and BATSHIT CRAZY, NO CRIPPLES, #Romney_Bumperstickers

— michael thomas (@mthomas2416) August 9, 2012

#Romney_BumperStickers Vote for me, or I'll rub my magic undies and watch my little horsy dance.

— Pedro Del Campo (@pj_delcampo) August 9, 2012

#Romney_Bumperstickers I found Him. He told me to wear magic underwear, not to drink caffeine, and I'll get my own planet after I die.

— Stephen Young (@steveyoung2814) August 9, 2012

A new Romney ad accuses President Obama of declaring war on religion. Clearly the Left’s gutter-dwellers are right there with him.


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