Amanda Bynes in another hit and run incident, the masses call for dancing lobsters!/ChrisMulhern69/status/199251005530050560

Another Amanda Bynes car incident, you say? That just means it’s another time for us to gather up our wits and attempt some quirky quips!

Amanda Bynes is in more legal trouble… Bring in the dancing lobsters. #getittogether

— russian spam 911 (@thejasminn) May 7, 2012

Amanda Bynes has been arrested, imagine when she goes to court.. "bring in the dancing lobsters"

— Kirsty Galloway (@kirstygallowayy) May 7, 2012

Just read Amanda Bynes was in a Hit & Run accident….She should stop driving…she's not very good at it. Now bring in the dancing lobsters!

— Trevor Donovan (@TrevDon) May 6, 2012

The fine folks of Twitter have hopped on the “DANCING LOBSTERS” train, referencing a skit from the Amanda Bynes Show, and citing a time when Amanda Bynes was nothing more than a cute, innocent young girl who grew so popular on Nickelodeon she had the privilege of getting her own show.

All jokes aside, this mobile crime spree must be put to a stop! It’s got people hiding away in their homes, afraid to travel the roads for fear of the dangerous Roadster Bynes.

I'm scared to leave my house until Amanda Bynes is taken into custody

— Timothy Sweet (@TimothyMSweet) May 7, 2012

After another hit run and another brow-furrowing car incident, there’s sure to be another court case in the near future for Amanda Bynes. Whatever happens, we think everyone’s hoping for some dancing lobsters at the end of the case.

Check out the video to view a clip from The Amanda Bynes Show, and remember a time when Miss Bynes had an active career, and a clean record!

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