Amanda Bynes calls the Obamas ugly; Think Progress blogger: ‘That’s racist’!/HayesBrown/status/354253613587116035

Troubled actress Amanda Bynes has called her mom “ugly” and her sister, too.

She has also called Miley Cyrus, Jenny McCarthy, Lance Bass, and Courtney Love ugly.

She even called Zac Efron ugly. Um, this is Zac Efron:

'At Any Price' Premiere - Tribeca Film Festival 2013

Bynes pretty clearly has issues around her own personal appearance as well.

When earlier today she called Barack and Michelle Obama ugly, a reasonable person might chalk it up as just one more piece of evidence that Bynes needs help.

But Hayes Brown is not a reasonable person. The Think Progress blogger instinctively cried “racism.” By his own admission, it’s his gut reaction:!/HayesBrown/status/354259448992243712

Liberals. They can’t even help themselves.

As you might expect, conservatives engaged in a bit of well-deserved mockery:!/NathanWurtzel/status/354263546311356418

Did Hayes Brown back down? Of course not.!/HayesBrown/status/354269676466999296

What? No, sir, you’re being “vilified” because you’re ridiculous.


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