All Makeup Artists Are Talented, But What She Can Do Is On A Different Level

For Michigan-based cosmetologist and beauty vlogger Andrea De La Ossa, makeup is fun. She knows that mascara is a must, bold lipstick is perfect for an added punch, and concealer can add a little life to even the most sleep-deprived face.

But everyday makeup really isn’t her artistic jam. This self-proclaimed super-creep has a penchant for using pretty things to come up with some not-so-pretty creations…and that’s precisely what makes them so awesome.

Her looks may be creepy, but there’s no denying that she’s an insanely talented artist.

“I think I might have been a Fabergé egg in a past life,” she jokes on Instagram. And now I wish that I could be a Fabergé egg, because I like to keep my goals realistic.

She once found inspiration in a collection of cat-themed haberdashery, which is evidently a thing. The end result? Just as creepy as you’d expect something inspired by cat-themed haberdashery to be.

But she doesn’t need to hang out in a shop of horrors to find makeup inspiration. This talented lady can make art out of cracks in the sidewalk.

She’s also a more dedicated Jessica Jones fan than any of us will ever be.

This zombie Daria look sets my ’90s heart aflutter.

I feel like the inspiration behind this one was “any human being on Monday morning.”

While every other couple predictably dressed up as “Netflix and Chill” last Halloween, she went for “Face Paint and Kill” instead.

I feel like she caught me looking at a donut and ran with it when she created this one.

I always want to do something like this when people tell me I’d look better “without all that makeup.”

If you haven’t figured it out by now, Andrea De La Ossa is a total babe, and she’s mind-bogglingly talented.

And you have to hand it to artists who have a healthy respect for the dark side.

To see more of this artist’s amazing work (and to giggle endlessly at her witty captions), be sure to follow her on Instagram! Want to recreate some of her looks? Her YouTube channel is full of awesome tutorials to help get you started.

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