Alex Jones meets, mocks Piers Morgan in brain-melting ‘interview’!/Hesiod2k11/status/288472328910807040

Talk show host and professional nutball Alex Jones was allowed on Piers Morgan’s CNN program tonight in order to make “Musket” Morgan look sane. (Well, the real reason was because Jones was a co-creator of the infamous “deport Piers Morgan” White House petition.) He did not disappoint. Instead of sitting for an interview, Jones merely showed up and started yelling at Morgan. Among other things, he labeled our favorit Brit a “hatchet man for the New World Order” and asked Morgan for a boxing match — and those were two of the most coherent things he said all night.

“The Republic will rise again!” – Alex Jones #CNN #Piers #Infowars #Liberty

— Zachary L.S. Castle (@ImRosettaStoned) January 8, 2013

This man on Piers Morgan just snapped!Lol Wowwww!

— Antonia T. (@libradiva27) January 8, 2013

I think alex jones just asked to box #piersmorganI’ve never seen an interview like one I am watching on @cnn

— Jon Leiberman (@reporterjon) January 8, 2013

I love the Alex Jones said he’ll box Piers Morgan. Jones says he’ll wear “red, white & blue” and Morgan can wear his “Jolly Roger.” Amazing.

— colin horgan (@cfhorgan) January 8, 2013

Alex Jones is flipping out on Piers Morgan! OMG Piers Morgan is getting raped here!

— ✈✈✈Mr. Feeny ✈✈✈(@ArminAghaei) January 8, 2013

On one hand, it was sad. However, it was funny to watch Piers Morgan desperately barking, “Alex … Alex … Alex … calm down!” to no avail.

A shouting match between @piersmorgan and @realalexjones is why television was invented.

— Byron Tau (@ByronTau) January 8, 2013

Alex jones just tried to take piers Morgan’s cue cards. Now he’s talking about hitler and BUILDING 7! This is going well.

— Jamie Kilstein (@jamiekilstein) January 8, 2013

Jesus Alex….lay off the smack yeah?#AlexJones

— Dublinicus Minimus (@dublindee) January 8, 2013

@kevinmitchell50 Kev, check out this Alex Jones guy on Piers Morgan’s CNN show now. Right wing nutter obsessed with guns

— TopTrevor (@TopTrevor) January 8, 2013

Yes!The “why did they blow up building 7?” zinger!!! #NWO #911 #Alex Jones #piers

— Josh Lent ThrashPunx (@ThrashPunx) January 8, 2013

No, not the 9/11 conspiracies! Please!

Oh, also he called psychiatric medication “mass murder pills” and “suicide pills.”

#piersmorgan Wow, Alex Jones is the worst. I’d hate to be his child, or his sibling, or his neighbor…or someone behind him in line.

— Elena Sanchez (@ElenaMsanchez) January 8, 2013

Its clear #alexjones has been doing those same drugs he screaming about in the CNN green room

— Liam Barnes (@LiamDBarnes) January 8, 2013

Alex jones is now doing a fake British accent mocking Morgan while saying 911 is an inside job. Kudos piers you look sane.

— Jamie Kilstein (@jamiekilstein) January 8, 2013

Alex Jones is now speaking in a fake British accent to mock Piers Morgan. This is the best thing to ever appear on television.

— allisonkilkenny (@allisonkilkenny) January 8, 2013

Alex Jones doing a British accent. Piers Morgan trying to hold back tears. #ThisIsAwesome

— DK (@DanOBGYN) January 8, 2013

In fairness, the accent was well done and probably the single most hilarious moment of the whole train wreck. It almost made Jones watchable.

@jamiekilstein I’m kind of surprised that Piers didn’t knock him the fuck out, but that wouldn’t help the situation.

— Bryan J. Sebeck (@bjsebeck) January 8, 2013

Actually, Bryan, we kind of agree with you, and it takes a lot to get us to defend Piers Morgan.

@piersmorgan & I may disagree on guns, but he was a total gentleman 2nite & did right thing: never interrupt an opponent destroying himself.

— Brad Thor (@BradThor) January 8, 2013

Mercifully, it was a relatively short segment. The best summary was probably offered by the next guest, Alan Dershowitz, who said that in a court of law, Jones would be referred to as something other than a “witness.”

Attorney Alan Dershowitz refers to Alex as an “Exhibit”

— Mr. Toronto Lawyer (@selwynpieters) January 8, 2013

Yeah, that’s one word for what he is. We disagree with Morgan on the Second Amendment as much as anyone, but he played this one well. There is no worse representative for gun rights than Alex Jones. And speaking of amendments, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney had some news for Morgan as well today.

Breaking News: WH responds to the @piersmorgan deportation petition: “Freedom of expression is a bedrock principle in our democracy.”

— Steve Krakauer (@SteveKrak) January 8, 2013

As is the right to bear arms … right?

Update: Here’s a YouTube video while it lasts:

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