Al Qassam claims victory, Israeli surrender via tweets!/AlqassamBrigade/status/271401268046622720

Al Qassam Brigades, the paramilitary arm of Hamas which has engaged in an ongoing Twitter war with Israel’s @IDFSpokesperson, tonight has claimed that Israel has surrendered. It’s unsure if that is the group’s interpretation of the cease fire agreement currently in effect, but followers are unconvinced.

@alqassambrigade There is ceasefire. Don`t make the situation what is is not. There is not white flag. #IDF

— Robert Dov Aintabi (@robertdaintabi) November 22, 2012

Totally. RT @alqassambrigade: #Israel’s army has raised the White Flag in front of Hamas’s armed wing. #Resistance #IDF #GazaVictory

— Roei Eisenberg (@roeberg) November 22, 2012

“@alqassambrigade: #Israel‘s army has raised the White Flag in front of Hamas’s armed wing. | Look closer. It has a blue star and stripes.

— Bjørn Erik Nebell (@BjornErikNebell) November 22, 2012

@alqassambrigade @marianhouk They always see it that way. If they don’t know what a cease fire means I doubt they know what peace is either.

— Rami S. (@RamiVms) November 22, 2012

Oh yeah right, that’s really what happened @alqassambrigade

— S W Allen (@TheLordsBrother) November 22, 2012

In other breaking news, Al Qassam has claimed victory over Israel’s Pillar of Defense operation.

Lastly,Al Qassam’sOperation #ShaleStones has defeatedNetanyahu’s #PillarOfDefence.#Gaza #Resistance #Hamas #Israel #IDF

— Alqassam Brigades (@AlqassamBrigade) November 21, 2012

@alqassambrigade you guys should win more often. Win enough and none of you will be left

— jon (@jonnobravy) November 22, 2012

LOL “@alqassambrigade: Lastly,Al Qassam’s Operation #ShaleStones has defeated Netanyahu’s #PillarOfDefence. #Gaza #Resistance #Hamas #Israel

— Jeffrey (@inJEFFwetrust) November 22, 2012

@alqassambrigade you idiots are dreaming! We wiped out your rockets and”secret” terrorist tunnels!

— djschoen (@djschoen) November 22, 2012

@alqassambrigade in reality you guys got screwed, you had 0 impact on israel and needed the truce more than they needed it #realworld

— adam mowafi (@adammowafi) November 22, 2012

@alqassambrigade One minute you cry because #israel is pounding you, the next you claim victory. Can you say #fullofshit ?

— chuck lewis (@chucklewis51) November 22, 2012

@alqassambrigade you call this a victory? No wonder you never get anywhere.

— Michael Wood (@hagaha_lol) November 22, 2012

@alqassambrigade nice bit of provocative propaganda there but clearly bullshit.

— Peter (@PJA1066) November 22, 2012

Not so fast, doubters. There are plenty of Hamas supporters around the world who perhaps are relying on Twitter and little else for their updates on the conflict.

@alqassambrigade Allahu akbar! And at the end we got it both ways, martyrdom and victory. May Allah take you all from strength to strength!

— SA Mujahida (@SAMujahida) November 22, 2012

Allahu Akbar, from Indonesian people with love.. RT @alqassambrigade: #Israel‘s army has raised the (cont)

— Siti Khothijah (@Mawar_Merah07) November 22, 2012

@alqassambrigade Congratulations , You have done duty.Allah will reward you for your effort إن شاء الله

— khalid el mousoui (@khalidelmousoui) November 22, 2012

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