After Living Her Life In A Cage, This Bull Terrier Finally Discovers What A Bed Is

Millie, a 7-year-old bull terrier, spent her life in a cage, giving birth to puppies. She never had a real home…or even proper veterinary care. Thanks to the Pibbles & More rescue, she was saved from that life of servitude.

And now she’s finally experiencing happiness for the first time.

Jill Stafford kindly brought Millie into her own home, fostering her alongside her own dogs. At first, Millie was confused.

She didn’t understand how to play with toys. Being a part of a family was new to her.

With a little bit of love and patience, Millie began to understand what it was like to have a home.

And when she was able to feel a warm, soft bed for the very first time? She was overcome with doggy joy.

She can’t even!

If you’re interested in adopting Millie yourself, check out her online adoption listing. (You can fill out an adoption form online, too, at Pibbles & More’s website.) Hopefully, Millie quickly finds a home. She’ll make a great cuddle buddy in bed!

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