After Being Taken Into A Foster Home, These 2 Dogs Fled And Were Stranded For Weeks

Meet Laverne and Shirley, two foster dogs that survived the unthinkable together.

The two were taken in by a caring family but escaped from their pens on the first day. Since they were so unfamiliar with the territory, they didn’t know how to find their way back.

The foster dogs were stranded together for weeks. When found, they were inseparable.

But, together, they survived. Thankfully, their rescuers didn’t give up on them.

Their family conducted a massive search to find them, using bloodhound dog teams, thermal imaging, and local volunteers.


To see these dogs be so frightened is heartbreaking.

At least they had each other for their 61 days stranded in the wilderness…and a new, loving family that refused to give up the search.

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