Adorable Dad Freaks Right The Hell Out When Figures Out His Baby’s Gender

One of the most exciting things about becoming a parent is learning whether you’ll be having a boy or girl.

That’s why it’s so hard for people to hold off on hearing the gender of their babies until the day they’re born. But that moment is worth the wait if you ask this dad. When Marvin and Magniola Dure found out they were going to have a child together, Marvin convinced his wife that they shouldn’t know the baby’s gender until they were in the delivery room, and they both followed through. What made this even sweeter is that a year earlier, doctors told Magniola her chances of having a child weren’t very great.

Watch the big moment they both welcome their bundle of joy into the world below. Marvin is so hilariously elated that his eyes nearly pop out of his head!

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The happy parents ended up naming their precious new daughter Melodie Faith. Be sure to share the adorable video of her birth if her dad’s excitement warmed your heart.

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