A Woman Has Sent $1 Million Overseas To A Man She’s Only Met Online

She says she is “95% certain it’s not a scam”.

1. A woman has defended her decision to send more than $1 million (around £650,000) abroad to a man she formed a relationship with online but has never met in real life.

2. In an interview with TV host and author Phil McGraw on his show Dr. Phil, the woman, Sarah, said she met the man, who calls himself Chris Olsen, 18 months ago.

During that time, Sarah wired large sums of her inheritance to Olsen, who told her he was currently based in Africa. She said: “He told me early on that he was a widower and that he had two daughters, and he was on a business trip in South Africa.”

3. Sarah, who has been divorced twice, said she was in love with Olsen and was “95% certain it’s not a scam”.

Olsen told her he has been prevented from coming home because he keeps being arrested on false charges. “He’s from Milan, Italy, and moved to the United States about 18 years ago,” Sarah said. “He’s very poetic when he talks to me.”

4. But the relationship set off alarm bells for her cousin Crystal, who told Dr Phil she believes Sarah is being conned.

Crystal said: “If Sarah continues sending ‘Chris’ money, she’s going to have nothing left.”

According to McGraw’s website, he has been in contact with the embassies of the numerous countries Olsen has claimed to have lived in and has spoken with the FBI about the risk of online scams. Viewers are also trying to track down the man for an upcoming episode.

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