A Street Artist Raises Homelessness Awareness In An Awesome Way. A Must See.

Poverty and homelessness are two poorly discussed topics in America. The number of impoverished people has sharply increased in recent memory. They sleep on the streets, panhandle for food, and often can’t get a job no matter how hard they try.

To help jump start the conversation on poverty, an anonymous street graffiti artist named Skid Robot goes around Los Angeles armed with a can of spray paint, a basket of food, and a full heart. He paints imaginary homes for those most in need. His work drew the attention of many across America today, showcasing the incredibly tough lives these individuals face.

Enjoy his thought provoking work for yourself. More importantly, please take the time to consider helping those most in need.

(via Vice / Bored Panda)

If you want to support his work, or help spread it, check Skid Robot’s Instagram page for more tremendous work. It’s truly inspiring, and worth sharing until we can finally start the proper (and necessary) discussion on this subject.

Read more: http://viralnova.com/street-art-homelessness/

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