A Python And This Frog Are The Strangest, But Most Adorable, Friends.

Inter-species animal friendships are among the cutest things on the planet, but this animal friendship is something different. No, it’s not between a cat and a dog, but between a green tree frog and a python. Yeah, I know right?! Crazy.

The two grew up in captivity together and are very comfortable around each other, which seems to defy nature itself. Frogs are typically on the menu for pythons in the wild. Photographer Fahmi Bhs snapped these two hanging out in a tree at a nature preserve in Indonesia.

I’ve gotta say, they’re pretty darned cute.

The two were raised in captivity together, and this python does not eat frogs.

This is even more amazing because in the wild? Pythons definitely snack on frogs.

Going for a climb.

Spending the day climbing up and down your python friend.

“Hello humans!”

(H/T: The Daily Mail)

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