A Kraken found Utilizing Google Earth…WTF?

“UNLEASH THE KRAKEN!” Anybody who’s seen “Pirates Of The Caribbean” will do not forget that outdated chorus. Fortunately for us, the kraken is a legendary beast with no foundation in actuality. Or is it? Not too long ago, a YouTuber taking part in with Google Earth uncovered proof of one thing actually huge hiding beneath the waves off the tip of South America.

I am not often one to leap to conclusions, however there’s something surprisingly compelling about this discover. Within the video beneath, this person walks us via his discovery. What do you assume it’s?

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1bmNX2KIud8?autoplay=0]

(supply: SciEncE AnD TecHnoloGy)

Whereas I am a little bit skeptical that that is an precise kraken, the footage remains to be fairly attention-grabbing. There’s a lot we do not find out about Earth’s oceans. Who is aware of what might be hiding down there?