A Judge Called This Inmate Into The Courtroom, But Not For What You Might Think!

The justice system in America is often chastised as being corrupt, but not every judge has a black heart.

Judges have a bit of a bad reputation. In the eyes of most Americans, they carry a stigma that they’re holier than thou and that no matter the charge, judges will simply throw the book at you. But we often forget that although judges are responsible for the ruling of civil and criminal cases across the country, they are humans, too.

Judge Amber Wolf, from Jefferson County, KY, isn’t above making criminals feel a bit more like ordinary people. Time and time again she has shown compassion in the courtroom. A recent ruling was no exception. Despite an issued no contact order, Wolf allowed for an incarcerated inmate to have his first visitation with his one-month-old baby boy.

Despite their current legal proceedings, Judge Wolf sees no reason why a man can’t be blessed with meeting his son for the first time.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gmrct5sW1IA?autoplay=0]

If more stories like this were brought to the media’s attention, perhaps our legal system would see a shift in reputation.

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