A College Dropout Spent 5 Years Of His Life Doing This… And It Was Worth Every Single Second. WOW.

A designer named Luca Iaconi-Stewart spent 5 years of his life creating an almost-perfect 1:60 scale replica of an Air India 777-300ER airplane. One of the most shocking parts of this story? He used only manila folder.

He literally made the best paper airplane in the world. 3rd graders everywhere should be feeling pretty ashamed of themselves (I know I do).

He began the project by tracing a can of cocoa on some paper. Simple enough, right?

Then, he began gluing the cross section of the plane together.

The skeleton was ready.

Then he needed to add the “skin” of the fuselage.

(There was a lot of “glue drying” time during this project, we have a feeling.)

This project has been five years in the making.

He was inspired by models he saw in architecture class that were created out of manila folders.

He measured, cut and glued tiny pieces of paper together… over and over and over.

He made every piece of the jet to scale (1:60).

Each seat would take him approximately 20 minutes to craft.

And those were just economy seats.

… there were lots of them.

The doors, engine, windows and seats were all perfect models of their bigger counterparts.

The doors and hatches worked like a charm.

Even if they required tweezers.

This attention to detail is unique. And mind-blowing.

Luca became so obsessed with this time-consuming project, he dropped out of his college classes to complete it. The engine, doorways, seats, landing gear, galley and sections of the plane were so meticulously created to scale, they all work. (The landing gear is even retractable.)

It’s hard to imagine spending this much time dedicated to anything, let alone building something so perfect. To see a video about this incredible process, visit Luca’s YouTube channel.

Source: Luca Iaconi-Stewart via time.com

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