6 Vine videos of #KCA green slime


The annual Kids Choice Awards aired tonight on Nickelodeon — which, as loyal readers know, is the network that supports the rather age-inappropriate vulgarian Jason Biggs.


Twitter users used Vine, the mobile micro-video app, to capture their favorite #KCA green slime moments. In case you needed such a fix…

Save the best (#slime) for last! #KCA vine.co/v/bDXUmDB9DYj

— Entertainment Weekly (@EW) March 24, 2013

Gabby Douglas was smart to avoid that horse. #slime #KCA vine.co/v/bDXTzYPmhQe

— Entertainment Weekly (@EW) March 24, 2013

Tuned in to the #KCAs just in time to see a pommel horse shitting green slime all over the kids in the front row.

— Carrie (@C_Kreutziger) March 24, 2013

Ewww that horse slime was gross haha!! #KCA

— Katie Williams (@KatieWillisill) March 24, 2013

On the KCA’s they made a gymnastic equipment thing look like a horse & it pooped on all those kids with slime. That was just soo wrong

— Princess Saammm (@idgafimacat) March 24, 2013

Dude was already slimed… RT @ew: LA Lakers center Dwight Howard: First 2013 #KCA #slime victim vine.co/v/bDXKL9mwOjp

— Eli Duarte (@Eli_Duarte) March 24, 2013

EW: Abracadabra is the magic word for 2nd #slime of #KCA vine.co/v/bDXOnlZPDqA

— Ryan Potts (@Ryan_Potts) March 24, 2013

“@ew: #slime is what they do #kca vine.co/v/bDXJTT9KuYA” JOSH

— Mamma Sam (@bookmusicalover) March 24, 2013

Slime!!!!!!! vine.co/v/bDXTvtu2Zi6

— Nico DeGregorio (@funnynicotweets) March 24, 2013

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