5 Of The Most Horrifying Moments Ever Caught On Camera…Not Everyone Survived

At this point, it’s pretty safe to assume that people’s cameras are always rolling.

While this new phenomenon has created a lot of garbage fluff, people occasionally capture interesting material. Some of that footage is also horrifying.

Take these five scary moments, for example. With their cameras rolling, these unfortunate individuals captured some of the most horrific footage that the Internet has to offer. Check out the captions below each photo to learn more, and then watch each nightmare unfold in the video below.

1. The Death of Sara Jones

Sara Jones was working as a camerawoman for the film Midnight Rider in 2014. During the first day of shooting, they filmed on a train bridge in Georgia that they did not have the proper permits to be using. While setting up for the shot, a CSX freight train was spotted in the distance as it barreled toward the crew.

As they struggled to remove their equipment from the tracks, the train struck a prop that then smashed into Jones. She was thrown into the train’s path and killed instantly.

2. The Snowboarding Accident

More skiing and snowboarding accidents happen in the U.S. every year than people would like to admit. Whether by way of negligence or poor weather conditions, the result is often the same: severe bodily harm.

While there are many videos to choose from, this one features a hapless snowboarder with a helmet camera and a poor sense of direction. Amazingly enough, he managed to walk away with a few broken bones.

3. The Zorbing Incident

Zorbing is a sport that involves one or two people getting inside an inflatable ball and rolling down a hill. It seems like the most exciting sport ever, but it’s not without its risks. Take, for example, what happened to the two men in this situation. As you can see in the still above, a strong gust of wind blew them off track.

4. Close Encounter with a Black Bear

Bears might look cute and cuddly, but that all changes in a hurry if you ever find yourself in front of one. This is something that two Canadian athletes learned when they ventured a little too far into the wilderness for a workout. They escaped in the end, but things got dicey for a second.

5. Narrowly Avoiding a Tornado

No natural disasters are more terrifying than tornadoes. They’re completely destructive, and we’re powerless against them. This video that was shot by a man in the Midwest shows the insane power of one as it slowly moves across the land…before settling right over his house. Amazingly enough, he managed to keep the camera rolling the entire time. Good luck sleeping after that.

If you think you can stomach it, check out this video compilation and watch all of the terror unfold.

(source: Mr. Nightmare)

Well, that’s the stuff of nightmares. I’ve seen a few videos like this before, but the events in this one are particularly unsettling.

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