4lb Wiener Dog Sacrificed Himself to Save Owners From 400lb Bear

When little Bradley’s owner was in serious danger, he did the only thing he knew how to do: he sacrificed himself to save him. A large black bear attacked John Force and his friends when they were in the woods behind his house.

They were in trouble because they stumbled across a mother bear and her cubs… and she was ready to attack. She stared the men down who were out on that trail, ready to lunge.

That’s when Bradley, who only weighs a small fraction of the bear’s weight, ran up to the animal and began defending his human.

She was ready to strike to protect her cubs and Bradley knew to jump into action.

After the bear let Bradley go, he ran back to the guys… but his wounds were too severe. He died an hour later.

Lisa knows that John is alive because Bradley was there to save him.


Bradley was a loyal hero til the end. Share his tragic yet inspiring story with others below.

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