43 Pictures That Look Just Like Every British Person’s Childhood

We have to go back!

1. There was no better feeling than this. Just ask Hermione.

2. Except, perhaps, getting a question right on this.

3. Getting turkey dinosaurs for school dinner was like winning the lottery.

4. But walking around with one of these on your back for hours was hard to get over.

5. You were SO excited for the launch of a new TV channel.

6. But when it finally came all you could see was this.

7. Eventually you got Sky, but rather than watch TV you just spent your days playing Beehive Bedlam.


8. This was the first game you ever truly loved.

Nintendo / Via kotaku.com.au

9. But you’d often get stuck, which meant watching GamesMaster in the hope that you’d find out a new cheat.

Channel 4

10. In your day, blue Smarties were actually blue.

11. And you could get Chewits that tasted like ice cream. Though you were never sure if it totally worked.

12. You learnt very quickly that Dec didn’t like it when callers’ answers didn’t rhyme.

13. And as far as you were concerned this pissed all over Friends.

14. You were SO impressed with modern technology such as Videoplus+.

Radio Times

15. You were never funnier than when reading out a joke from a Penguin wrapper.

16. You’d have swapped ALL your Pogs to get a chance to go on The Crystal Maze.

Channel 4

Which they definitely need to bring back, by the way.

17. You could watch The Simpsons on BBC Two without any adverts getting in the way.


18. The moment you’d get home you’d be straight on MSN to flirt (badly) with the person you had a crush on that day.

19. Somehow there was a prime time TV show about snooker. And you LOVED it.


20. After which you’d flick over to ITV to watch Wolf, who you didn’t know whether to love or hate.

21. Then, of course, there was Anthea Turner and her papier mache Tracy Island. It was meant to look like this…


22. But it actually ended up looking more like this.

23. There weren’t many worse feelings than getting stuck in the mud.

24. Except maybe this.

25. Robot Wars was the highlight of your Friday night.

26. And then you could actually watch live music on TV thanks to Top of the Pops. Imagine that!


27. This was your first (and most enjoyable) experience of smoking.

28. When the teacher asked you to put your chairs on the table you knew the day was over.

When your least favorite teacher tells you to put your chairs on the table before the bell rings

— CaucasianBrent (@Brent)

29. At which point you’d race home to watch the most terrifying man on television.


30. You’d recreate Knightmare in your living room by putting a bucket over your head.

31. Then go outside for a harmless game of red ass.

32. Playing on the apparatus was the best PE lesson you could have.

33. But if you fell these things were going to do you no good at all.

34. It was all about who had the biggest pile of swaps.

Robin Edds / BuzzFeed

35. Or who could make the longest sword.

36. Occasionally you’d stay up late enough to watch Eurotrash and probably be scarred for life.

Channel 4 / Via epicbuzz.net

37. Your destiny was regularly decided by these.

38. Or occasionally a nice game of MASH.

39. There was no doubt about the best snack.

40. And you can’t quite understand why you haven’t played with one of these in 20 years.

41. This decision defined your whole year.

Luke Bailey / BuzzFeed

42. And to this day you occasionally rub a 50 pence piece and make a wish.

BBC / Via imgur.com

43. But the greatest moment of all, bar none, was being the person who was in charge of putting the hymns on the OHP.

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