34 Things Every “Parks And Recreation” Fan Needs to Have


1. These Galentine’s Embroideries


Embroideries before Em-boy-daries.

Get them here.

2. This Motivational Mug

From the wisest mustache who ever lived. Get it here.

3. This Romantic Poster

Get it here.

4. The Shirt Previously Known as Scarecrow Boat

And also…
Malice in Chains
Punch Face Champion
Flames for Flames
The Andy Andy Andys
Andy and the D-Bags
Department of Homeland Obscurity
Puppy Pendulum
Possum Pendulum
Penis Pendulum
Jet Black Pope
Muscle Confusion
Just the Tip
Angel Snack
Nothing Rhymes With Orange
Everything Rhymes With Orange
Nothing Rhymes with Blorange
and Ninja Dick.

Get it here.

5. This Fancy Robe

The better to Treat Yo Self with. Get it here.

6. This Souvenir Mug

When you spend $1,000 on waffles alone, you should also get your own mug.

Get it here.

7. This Motivational Poster

“Crying: acceptable at funerals and the Grand Canyon.”

Get it here.

8. An Important Button

Get it here.

9. A Fandom Crossover Mug

Voldemort was definitely born in Eagleton.

Get it here.

10. A Priority List

Get it here.

11. These Authentic Posters

Worthy of a Swanson. Get them here.

12. This Minimalist Travel Poster

From the greatest town in Indiana, probably America, possibly the world.

Get it here.

13. This Perdverted Banner

What you are buying is a sign that says a word that is from Perd.

Get it here.

14. This Bathroom Sign

Get it here.

15. BFF Earrings

From one beautiful sunfish to another. Get them here.

16. This Banner

To be placed equidistant from your home and work. Get it here.

17. A Noble Bust

Not to be placed in a library EVER. Get it here.

18. This Lovely Sentiment

The only way to talk to a frienemy. Get it here.

19. And This One

Get it here.

20. This Important Slogan


Get it here.

21. Donna’s Favorite Hobby

And also maybe Retta’s. Get it here.

22. Candles for Your Shrine

Get them here.

23. A Goddess Poster

Get it here.

24. This Austere Decal

Get it here.

25. A Gamer Hat

The only other thing you need is two wizards, a maverick, the Arbiter, two warriors, a corporal, and a ledgerman. Get it here.

26. A Mug for Brown Liquor

Clear alcohols are for rich women on diets.

Get it here.

27. This Shirt

For when your marbles are full of mouth.

Get it here.

28. A Sweetum for Your Sweetum

Get it here.

29. A Super Sexy Card

True love produces friction.

Get it here.

30. A Bacon Scented Candle

It smells just like All The Bacon And Eggs You Have.

Get it here.

31. A Political Tote

Knope We Can.

Get it here.

32. Every Word Ron Knows

Get it here.

33. Fine Leather Goods

Available here.

34. This Tribute Pin

An animal, a legend, a friend.

Get it here.

When all else fails, you can always go here: Infinite Ron Swanson.


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