31 Reasons Our Siblings Drive Us Nuts, But We’d Be Lost Without Them — Happy Sibling Day!

If you’re lucky enough to have a sibling, you know that it can feel like both a blessing and a curse.

Sometimes, they make you want to pull out your hair. And others? You are so grateful that they are in your life (even if you still think they are a little crazy).

April 10 is National Sibling Day, so let’s pay homage to the uniquely crazy (and totally wonderful) experience of growing up with brothers and sisters! Here are some reasons that having siblings is the best (even if it feels like the worst).

1. Their weirdness perfectly complements your own.

2. They will have NONE of your nonsense.

3. And, hey, they get pulled into those awkward photos, too.

4. …And for some reason, brothers always refuse to wear pants.

5. Siblings help you find clever ways to torture people.

6. Breaking their “rules” is just SO tempting.

7. They teach you valuable lessons about the food chain.

8. Let’s face it, not much changes over the years.

9. But at least you don’t have to go to those awkward photoshoots at the mall by yourself.

10. …And they are always there to ruin your pictures.

11. Although, sometimes they are pretty cool.

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12. And having siblings means you can hang out with your squad every day.

13. They are always there to make you feel better.

14. Even the Obama girls know the delightful weirdness of being sisters.

15. They just can’t let you have your time in the spotlight.

16. They keep you on your toes…even if it is your birthday.

17. They are evil masterminds when it comes to pranks.

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18. Sometimes, they’re the ones who get yelled at (and not you).

19. Siblings aren’t afraid to show you how they really feel.

20. They make Kiss Cams at sporting events as AWKWARD AS POSSIBLE.

21. And they let you conduct even the most ill-advised experiments on them.

22. Who doesn’t know this feeling?

23. Sibling reality checks are both hilarious and awful.

24. When your favorite food is gone, you KNOW who took it.

25. When they pick their friends over you, you feel the most acute rejection.

26. Making their life a living hell is almost too enjoyable.

27. Annoying each other is just a daily duty.


28. Nay, annoying them is an ART.

29. And you can’t go wrong with the classics.

30. It’s cute when they try to be as awesome as you.

31. But, remember — the eldest knows who’s boss.

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