30 Unforgettable Times “Doctor Who” Companions Kicked Ass

Their actions are worth their weight in fish fingers and custard.

Nineteen years old and no future other than working in a shop. If anyone needed the Doctor to spice up their life, it was Rose.

1. First moment: “Dalek”

She reanimated a dying Dalek by mistake, but also ingrained it with her own hypersensitive “I’m a girl, not yet a woman” feelings, rendering the universal killing machine conflicted about its homicidal ways.

2. Last moment: “The Stolen Earth/Journey’s End”

Girl got her Sliders on by jumping through parallel universes trying to get to the Doctor and save all of reality.

3. Ultimate moment: “The Parting of the Ways”

After looking into the time vortex (something no one is supposed to do) she becomes the Bad Wolf. And boy is she bad — killing entire populations with a wave of her hand, making her friends immortal, leaving her tag all over the universe, she goes hard! But it was all for a good cause, so whatevs!

BBC / Via mirror.enha.kr

Talk about character development! From cowardly idiot to defender of the universe, Mickey Smith has got some range.

4. First moment: “Aliens of London/World War Three”


When he went all Hackers on the Torchwood and Royal Navy databases to help the Doctor defeat the Slitheen. He even put his brave face on to save Rose’s mother, Jackie, even though she spent the better part of a year blaming him for Rose’s disappearance.

5. Last moment: “Journey’s End”

Fighting Sontarans and married to Martha Jones. You go, Mickey the Idiot!

6. Ultimate moment: “Army of Ghosts/Doomsday”

BBC / Via timey-wimey.com

After going to a parallel universe to take care of his blind grandmother who is still alive there (awwww!), Mickey comes back to take on not one, but two extreme foes, Cybermen and Daleks, while looking fly in that futuristic turtleneck.

BBC / Via fanpop.com

That smile. Those eyes. That coat. Did it suddenly get hot in here?

7. First moment: “Boom Town”

He’s not just a pretty face; his plan for catching the Slitheen was brilliant, even the Doctor couldn’t argue with it.

8. Last moment: “Gridlock”

After living for a few billion years (thanks a lot, Bad Wolf Rose!), as the Face of Boe he uses the last of his life force to help the Doctor save the citizens of New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New York trapped on the motorway.

9. Ultimate moment: “Bad Wolf”

Butt naked. On live TV. Blows up two killer What Not to Wear androids (you don’t even want to know where he was hiding that gun).

Everyone loves Martha Jones. No really, rewatch her season. Everyone she encounters loves her. Shakespeare, the couple that held her hostage to get in the fast lane of the motorway…everyone except the Doctor that is (welp).

10. First moment: “Smith and Jones”

When she uses the last of the oxygen in the hospital (her literal dying breath) to resuscitate the Doctor so he can live and save everyone else.

11. Last moment: “The Stolen Earth/Journey’s End”

The last time we see the Doctor’s doctor saving the world is actually when she is threatening to blow it up, lest it fall into the wrong hands.

12. Ultimate moment: “The Doctor’s Daughter”

After being hijacked by the Tardis and separated from the Doctor on an alien planet at war, she holds her own and helps end a (seemingly) never-ending battle between the two races on the planet.

BBC / Via bbcamerica.com

Go ahead and google the phrase, “The Most Important Woman in the Universe.” No really, I’ll wait….

13. First moment: “Partners in Crime”

BBC / via hercampus.com


Using her seemingly nominal skills as an office worker, she starts investigating weird phenomenons and ends up taking down a worldwide weight-loss corporation run by aliens (I know, just stay with me) and finds the Doctor again in the process.

14. Last moment: “The End of Time”

BBC / Via pixshark.com

Poor woman had to have her memory wiped of all things Doctor, otherwise her brain would melt (that’s rough). But even so, her subconscious was so clever and intent on helping out it managed to knock out everyone around her buying the Doctor time to defeat the Master.

15. Ultimate moment: “The Poison Sky”


When she’s alone on the Sontaran battleship and takes a few of the talking potatoes out, then restarts the teleport pods to get the Doctor back to her. Not bad for a temp from Chiswick.

The Girl Who Waited is at the center of a storyline that launched a thousand feels.

16. First moment: “The Beast Below”


She helps lost and crying children, saves the last of a rare and magnificent space creature, and gives hope back to all of the intergalactic version of Great Britain. All while in her nightgown.

17. Last moment: “The Angels Take Manhattan”


With Rory. On a building ledge. 1938 New York City. I can’t see though the tears.

18. Ultimate moment: “The Girl Who Waited”

After getting stranded for 50 years, her old self helps her husband find her younger self so he can rescue her. Because as much as not existing would suck, growing old without the man she loves and her best friend would suck more. Damn, that is poetic AF!

BBC / Via bbcamerica.com

AKA Rory the Roman, aka The Last Centurion, aka The Boy Who Waited, aka Mr. Pond, aka The Man Who Dies and Dies Again, aka The Pretty One.

19. First moment: “The Vampires of Venice”


Upon entering the Tardis for the first time, he knows it’s another dimension and isn’t surprised like every other being that has ever stepped inside. The man is prepped and ready!

20. Last moment: “The Power of Three”


It’s the last time we see Rory the nurse (not the most impressive of his monikers, I know) saving lives left and right during the slow invasion.

21. Ultimate moment: “Let’s Kill Hitler”


That time he punched Hitler in the face. I mean, duh!

She was conceived in the Tardis. And that’s only the beginning! The woman is literally hell in high heels. You know what, I’ve said too much already. #spoilers

22. First moment: “The Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone”

You don’t realize it until much later, but during her first adventure with Amy and the Doctor, she has already known them her entire life and plays it cool AF.

23. Last moment: “The Name of the Doctor”

She’s already dead! She’s fucking saving lives from beyond the grave! TBH you can’t imagine death fazing her; she is her father’s daughter after all.

24. Ultimate moment: “The Wedding of River Song”


When she was willing to let the entire universe burn so the Doctor could see that he would be missed if he died. But that she would miss him most of all. Hell, I would marry her after that!

BBC / Via fanpop.com

She blew into this world on a leaf and has been kicking ass ever since.

25. First moment: “Asylum of the Daleks”

Being converted into a Dalek, but keeping your human brain? Completely impossible, unless you are in fact the Impossible Girl.

26. Last moment: “Dark Water”

Granted it was rude AF, but it takes a badass to lock the Doctor out of his Tardis and straight ransom the keys to get what you want. I doubt River would even go that far.

27. Ultimate moment: “The Snowmen”

Getting the Doctor to help her with only one word…

Unfortunately not every companion gets to travel through the stars in the Tardis. But that doesn’t make them any less kick-ass.

Case in point:

Waitress on a spaceship named after the Titanic. Poor girl never stood a chance.

28. Ultimate moment: “Voyage of the Damned”

She gets bonus points for style when she used a forklift to push her evil boss off a ledge, while sacrificing her life to help him save everyone on the Spaceship Titanic and the Earth below. All I can say is “wow wow wow wow.”

Living with the Doctor in the Tardis? Sign me up! Living with the Doctor in a small, two-bedroom flat? It would take a better person than me.

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