30 Overly Happy Animals That Are About To Make Your Life So Much Better

There’s nothing better than seeing an overly happy animal just living its happy little life. It’s science. There’s just something about watching a pup do his happy dance that can turn any awful day around.

If you’re having a horrible day, week, or month, let these bundles of joy help you out.

1. “For me? You’re too kind, sir.”

2. “This is my human! She’s a very nice human.”

3. A toast to the happy couple!

4. “I get some sleeps now.”

5. Does it get happier than this? I think not.

6. “Mom! Mom, look at this guy I found!”

7. This is what luxury looks like, my friend.

8. “I’m very happy. Also, I’m an owl.”

9. As it turns out, pygmy anteaters are the cutest animals ever. Who knew?

10. “Person! You have returned!”

11. Just hangin’.


13. “This is my friend. I like my friend! You should also like my friend.”

14. And here we have the happiest cat in the history of cats.

15. He loves picture time.

16. “I can has biscuits now?”

17. The little things in life are the best.

18. Life would be easier if we just let towels make us happy.

19. Quokkas are gifts to the universe.

20. “Look at my legs! Aren’t they funny legs?”

21. “It doesn’t get better, man.”

22. It’s almost like she’s a human (but cuter).

23. “Yaaaaaaaas!”

24. The prettiest smile ever.

25. You basically have to be happy if you’re this fluffy.

26. “All you need is bath! Bath is all you need.”

27. What a nugget!

28. “I am cat, and this cake is also cat.”

29. “Cannot…contain…the happy!”

30. Just keep smiling, okay?

It’s basically impossible to be sad after seeing those cuties, so I hope that you’re smiling right along with them!

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