29 Ways To Rock A Snow Day With Kids (Even If The Power Goes Out)

What blizzard? You’re too busy building this geodesic box fort.

Alice Mongkongllite / BuzzFeed

1. Build a geodesic dome. Bonus: This will take hours.

Full tutorial HERE.

2. Make ice marbles using balloons, water, and food coloring.

Full tutorial at Queen Vanna Creations.

3. DIY a snowglobe with your kiddo’s likeness inside!

Learn how at Our Best Bites.

4. While the snow falls outside, make giant paper snowflakes inside!

Learn how from Let’s Lasso The Moon.

5. Bring their favorite movie to life!

6. Don’t have a sled handy? Make your own with duct tape!

Full tutorial at Artzy Creations.

7. Put all other snow cones to shame by using actual fresh snow for yours.

8. Make maple snow candy!

This requires parent supervision, but is an amazingly fun treat! (Tutorial HERE.)

9. Make a snow sundae!

Find out how at Bitz and Giggles! For a chocolate recipe, visit OMG There’s Three.

10. Cinnamon snowflakes are a craft you can actually eat.

It all starts with a tortilla! Recipe at Come Together Kids.

11. Create these stunning ice ornaments.

Instructions on Design Mom.

12. Utilize the freezing weather to experiment with bubbles!

This is too cool not to try if you’ve got leftover bubbles from the summertime. Learn how at Science Made Fun.

13. Buy yourself some quiet time by setting up an indoor scavenger hunt.

Great ideas HERE and HERE.

14. Build the most epic fort of all time.

Chris Ritter / BuzzFeed

Get all the inspiration you need HERE.

15. Master the art of shadow puppets.

Or make these adorable cut outs!

16. Fight boredom with this DIY activity jar.

Lean how HERE.

17. Fill a spray bottle with diluted food color for easy snow-painting!

18. Or if the weather is too frightful, try some indoor snow person building.

19. Give them a thrill with this hot chocolate surprise!

This isn’t the kind you’ll want to drink, but as long as you serve up the real stuff afterwards, everyone will get a kick out of it. Instructions via Fantastic Fun and Learning.

20. Make a family sized pot of hot chocolate, and make your house smell amazing.

You can do it in your crock pot! The Frugal Girls show you how.

21. And serve it up with these amazing spoons.

Learn how at Hello Homebody.

22. While you’ve got your crock pot out, try this cinnamon roll casserole.

So cozy. So warm. (Recipe HERE.)

23. If your kiddos get the baking bug, try these incredibly easy 4-ingredient cookies.

YUM. Recipe HERE.

24. Or this super quick no-bake cookies n’ cream fudge!

Recipe HERE.

25. In case of a power outage, use outdoor solar lights to make mason jar “lanterns.”

Instructions HERE.

26. Stay warm with this DIY room heater.

Anyone can make these nifty tea light heating systems. Find out how HERE.

27. Another great power outage hack: Retain heat and resources by camping in!

Set up your indoor campsite, and hunker down for a living room adventure.

28. Brighten dark nights with these DIY glow-bowling pins. Glowling pins!

Find out how at My Kids’ Adventures.

29. For the ultimate in analog entertainment, gather everyone around the nearest source of heat for some kid-friendly campfire stories.

Monkey Business Images / Via iStockPhoto

Find some HERE.

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