29 People Who Had One Job..And Failed Miserably

It’d be hard to find someone who doesn’t have to multitask at work. Even if you interview for a specific position, you’ll probably be expected to help out on tasks that aren’t in your wheelhouse after a while. That’s just how professional life works.

But these people had one job. Just one. And they failed miserably.

1. Math isn’t their strong suit.

2. There aren’t that many continents, people. Figure it out.

3. We have a rebel on our hands!

4. You can really confuse people with this one, at least.

5. I think I’ll just go around…

6. Nothing makes sense anymore.

7. You’re sending me mixed signals.

8. Tree parking only.

9. As if losing wasn’t bad enough…

10. Just kidding!

11. What a troll.

12. That’s a lovely view.

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13. Probably not.

14. That’s a disappointment.

15. It’s like watermelon, only not.

16. Not even close.

17. That’s a pretty terrible present for your 100th birthday. Sorry, Oreo.

18. You’ll get all of the frostbite!

19. Some people just wanna watch the world burn.

20. Except when it’s beef!

21. Thank you.

22. Nothing like molding young minds with false information!

23. Not so much.

24. He’s still kind of cute, I guess.

25. This path is not bike friendly.

26. NOPE!

27. False advertising at work.

28. What a deal!

29. This is too much.

(via Diply / You Had One Job!)

These people definitely won’t be holding onto their jobs for too long. If any future employers catch wind of these photos, they’ll never be able to find work again. Let’s just hope that they learned from their mistakes.

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