27 DIY Ways To Make Your Home So Much More Cozy

Going outside is totally overrated. Stay in and make stuff instead!

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1. Copper Candle Holder

Meike Bambuch / Via kollabora.com

Simple supplies from the hardware store give your decor a modern, industrial feel.

2. Crochet Floor Mat

Ludivineem / Via kollabora.com

What’s better than jumping out of bed onto a warm, cushy crochet floor mat?!

3. Faux Fur Chair Covers

A Beautiful Mess / Via abeautifulmess.com

You don’t need to toss all those old, mismatched dining chairs, you just need to cover them in faux fur!

4. Twinkling Room Divider

Mark Montano / Via kollabora.com

Create sections of space in a large or awkward space with beautiful twinkling room dividers.

5. Doily Bowls

Apartment Therapy / Via apartmenttherapy.com

Keep a set of cute little doily bowls by the front door to stash your car keys and loose change.

6. Cherry Blossom Branches

Lia Griffith / Via kollabora.com

Put away the wreaths and fill up your space with beautiful paper cherry blossom branches instead.

7. Shag Rag Rug

My Love of Style / Via myloveofstyle.com

Before you toss those leftover fabric scraps, try using them to make a quick rag rug.

8. Crochet Heart Pillow

Mon Makes Things / Via kollabora.com

A little crochet goes a long way when you’re making adorable heart pillows.

9. Book Page Wall Hanging

Christina’s Adventures / Via christinasadventures.com

Have a few books you no longer love? Use the pages to make cool wall decor (goes double for old magazines!)

10. Knitted Pouf

Blog a la Cart / Via blogalacart.com

A cozy knitted poof can easily take the place of a stuffy old ottoman.

11. Cozy Quilted Pillow

Stephanie / Via kollabora.com

Cozy up with a quilted scrap pillow you can make in an afternoon.

12. Pretty Pom Flowers

Gemma Power / Via kollabora.com

Fill tiny vases with sweet little pom-pom flowers.

13. Lacy Votive Holders

Claireabellemakes / Via kollabora.com

Add a vintage touch to your votive holders with just a bit of lace.

14. Toasty Love Quilt

Dear Stella / Via kollabora.com

Wrap up in a whole lotta quilted love.

15. Comfy Stash Pillow

Jumping Birds / Via kollabora.com

The perfect place to stash your pjs and still keep your bed space tidy.

16. Knit Coffee Cozy

Alexandra Davidoff Studios / Via kollabora.com

Cozy home, cozy coffee — it’s a win/win situation.

17. Rustic Placemats

I Love Green Grass / Via kollabora.com

Just because you don’t want to go outside doesn’t mean you can’t bring a little bit of it inside.

18. Custom Cord Basket

Emily / Via kollabora.com

A great way to stash your yarn, magazines, or otherwise errant clutter.

19. Little Paper Topiary

Lia Griffith / Via kollabora.com

Remembering to water plants is hard; a tiny paper topiary tree is easy!

20. Stitched Wall Calendar

The Handcrafted Story / Via thehandcraftedstory.com

Count the days with a unique wall calendar all your own.

21. Sweater Lampshade

Unskinny Boppy / Via unskinnyboppy.com

Give that worn-out sweater new life by turning it into a fun lampshade cover.

22. Embroidered Art

She Makes a Home / Via shemakesahome.com

C’mon, you know your walls are just begging for some colorful, geometric embroidery.

23. Fabric Frames

Momtastic / Via momtastic.com

Cover old frames with pretty fabric to give your photos an extra POP!

24. Hand-Knotted Wall Hanging

The Gathered Home / Via thegatheredhome.com

Add some texture to your walls with a beautiful knotted wall hanging.

25. Felt Floor Pillows

Purl Bee / Via purlbee.com

Brighten up your floor with big vibrant floor pillows.

26. Tufted Headboard

Little Green Notebook / Via littlegreennotebook.blogspot.com

Sleep tight by adding a cozy tufted headboard to your bed.

27. Teacup Candles

Martha Stewart / Via marthastewart.com

Teacup candles make a warm, vintage alternative to your standard pillars and votives.

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