24 Weird Kitchen Gadgets That Are Actually Pure Genius

I may not be a world-class chef, but I know my way around the kitchen well enough to get by.

Helping me along are my favorite kitchen gadgets. My grandparents had a penchant for picking up any and all culinary gadgets they saw on TV, so of course, I’ve tried the best of the best (and the worst of the worst).

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Sure, some of them look weird, but the ones that work make life so much easier. Here are 24 of the weirdest and wackiest kitchen gadgets that are actually really useful.

1. Eliminate the struggle of opening store-bought popsicles by using these reusable zipper pouches.

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2. Soggy cereal is a thing of the past with this divided bowl.

3. It’s your Constitutional right to get the perfect ketchup-to-hot dog ratio.

4. Use only the freshest fruit juices with this citrus sprayer.

5. Cut down on the mess in your kitchen sink with this strainer/cutting board combo.

6. Make your toast super yummy with some help from this butter slicer.

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7. Forget breaking spaghetti by hand and getting it everywhere. Try this gadget instead.

8. Make extra room on your plate for chips and veggies with dip clips.

9. Crushing garlic has never been easier than it is with this garlic rocker.

10. Keep portions even with a cake batter dispenser.

11. Separating yolks from egg whites can be a sticky mess, but not with this yolk extractor!

12. Become the world’s most creative parent by using a pancake pen to make custom flapjacks for the kiddos.

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13. Don’t waste hours cooking dinner one step at a time. This three-tiered oven rack can cook everything at once.

14. There’s never a bad time for soft-serve yogurt when you have this frozen dessert maker in your kitchen.

15. Use this clip to avoid making messes between stirs.

16. There’s nothing worse than biting into a cherry and having to spit out the pit. This adorable gadget eliminates the hassle.

17. Prep marinated foods without dirtying your hands with this hands-free bag holder.

18. Enjoy America’s favorite cookie without dunking your hand into the milk along with it. Get yourself a cookie dipper!

19. This serving board will allow you to store extra snacks underneath.

20. If you’ve ever said you were hungry enough to eat a horse, this pasta measuring device has you covered. (Although I’m slightly alarmed that the first three options are humans.)

21. Quickly remove seeds from peppers with this specially designed serrated knife.

22. Salad prep won’t be a hassle with this unique tomato and grape cutter.

23. Follow a recipe on your iPad without getting the device messy with this fridge clip.

24. Prevent your half-eaten bags of chips from going stale with this inventive bag cap.

Bye, money. I’m going shopping for ALL of the kitchen gadgets.

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