21 Creepy Children That You Definitely Don’t Want To Run Into Alone

If you’re a parent, I’m sure you have more than a few stories about how creepy your little ones can be.

Sure, they are absolutely adorable most of the time, but that doesn’t change the fact that children are also known to do some seriously strange and unsettling things — like the morbid little angels below.

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From drawing disturbing art to playing with their toys in terrifyingly unconventional ways, these kids know exactly how to give nightmares to everyone around them.

1. Um, that’s nice?

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2. Somebody wanted to try out their terrifying Halloween costume early.

3. It’s probably not a good idea to mess with her.

4. If I saw this on the street, I would have booked it the other way.

5. To be fair, the teacher is equally as creepy for giving out this morbid assignment.

6. Children back in the day were even creepier than they are now.

7. This kid is having the time of his life playing with a dead fox.

8. The little girl who set this up said, “they were trying to bring Mommy back to life.”

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9. That sweet child drew this monstrosity.

10. Dad woke up to this on his refrigerator.

11. Who knew paper cutouts could be so unsettling?

12. I doubt I’d ever be able to sleep again if my kid did this.

13. One little boy crafted this terrifying thing for Christmas — I sincerely hope those aren’t real teeth.

14. Thanks for letting me know, you absolute creep.

15. Mom came across this delightful message after her son took a bath.

16. He looks like he’d rather be eating souls.

17. That’s a great story to write at eight years old.

18. She is way too happy about her Halloween costume.

19. “I’d rather be lighting you on fire, Mommy.”

20. You might want to keep the duct tape away from your child.

21. Why would you ever say that?

After all that fun, I’m really not so sure about having my own kids anymore. I think I’ll just stick to my pets.

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