19 Steps To Living Like Caroline Stanbury

Everyone’s fave Lady of London.

So you want to be Caroline Stanbury?


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Well of course you do. Her life is unreal. Like this is her getting ready in the morning for BREAKFAST.


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Don’t fret. You too can have this life. Just follow these simple steps!

1. So you’re going to want to start out with a teaspoon of aristocratic family.

Not too much that you’re an actual royal but not too little that you’re a plebeian either.

2. You also have to buddy up to the right people.

And by right people I mean Diane Kruger.

3. Be a badass businesswoman.

Yes, you’re technically high society but come on, you need something to fill your days.

4. Master the art of the selfie.

You wanna look fierce but in a natural kind of way.

5. And don’t forget about the closet selfie.

“Which designer outfit should I wear today?”

6. Oh, and btw — your closet should make a grown adult cry.

This is what heaven looks like, right?

7. Just fill it with things that cost more than a car.

Easy peasy.

8. Your workout is the time when you can improve your mind, body, spirit, and Instagram following.

And look absolutely flawless while doing so.

9. Snag a hot S.O.

Their hobbies should be the same as yours: Making lots of money, going to lots of parties, and looking extremely attractive at all times.

10. Have an adorable kid (or three).

This ingredient is quite easy to get if your S.O. is as hot as you are.

11. Bonus points if two of those kids are twins that make every woman’s uterus cry.

12. And even more points if your daughter models for a high-fashion brand like Roberto Cavalli.

It does help that the Cavallis are close personal friends of yours as well.

13. Don’t be afraid to hire a glam squad. Looking this perfect is a strenuous job that you should leave to the professionals.

You woke up like this.

14. Your makeup artist should be your BFF, confidante, and soulmate. It’s also great if they’re really hot too.

Hey, they are in charge of how you look, you should try and be nice to them.

15. Remember the first thing they taught you at business school*: Branding, branding, branding.


*Also, I never set foot in a business class so ¯_(ツ)_/¯

16. Travel as if the airport is one long fashion show.

TSA = “Those. Shoes. Ahhhhhh.”

17. But really, flying private makes the most sense.


18. Vacation like you’re getting paid to.

Live. It. Up.

19. Be the best freaking part of any reality show.

Really, what is Ladies of London without our dear Caroline?

Live. Like. Caroline.

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