19 Perfect Gifts For People Who Love To Swear

Bitches get bitches gifts.

1. For the dainty dirty mouth:

Fuck You Rings, $14.95.

2. For your partner-in-bitching:

You’re My Favorite Bitch to Bitch About Bitches With Card, $4.37.

3. For the calm curser:

Namaste, Bitches Sweatshirt, $29.

4. For the sophisticated swearer:

Merde Pillow, $97.

5. For the grouchy nester:

Fuck Off Embroidery, $15.

6. For the pottymouthed pet owner:

Oh Shit I’m Lost Dog Tag, $20.

7. For the Tina Fey enthusiast:

Bitches Get Stuff Done Mug, $16.

8. For the one who needs some real inspiration:

Get Shit Done Print, $12.50.

9. For the fan of puns:

You Pizza Shit Shirt, $20.

10. For the responsiblly profane bud:

Groceries & Shit Tote Bag, $18.

11. For the birthday pal:

Happy Birthday Fuckface Banner, $17.

12. For the Pulp Fiction fan:

Bad Mother Fucker Wallet, $37.50.

13. And for the Gone With the Wind enthusiast:

Frankly My Dear, I Don’t Give a Damn Wooden Sign, $18.

14. For the colorful home decorator:

Shithead Hand-Painted Vintage Plate, $28.

15. For the discreet overachiever:

Total BAMF Engraved Pencils, $4.

16. For the classy one:

Bastard Nameplate Necklace, $20.

17. For the subtle friend:

Oh Crap Earrings, $17.34.

18. For the silent pal with a mind of gold:

Middle Finger Stud, $10.

19. And for your swearing soulmate.

Best Fucking Bitches Necklaces, $9.80.

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