19 Heartwarming Stories Of Celebrities Doing Random Acts Of Kindness

Just try to make it through this post without getting emotional.

1. This very sweet BF asked One Direction to help him propose to his Directioner girlfriend:

And Harry Styles made it happen:

2. This Patriots superfan gave Marcus Cannon a Lombardi Trophy replica, and he tweeted the player asking about it:

So Cannon surprised him at the hardware store where he works, bringing the trophy and a Patriots jacket along with him:

3. This mega-fan of Miley Cyrus invited her to prom, but she wasn’t able to make it. So she made it up to him by inviting him to hangout with her at her concert:

And they took the prom-pose pic he was waiting for:

4. This fan waiting to meet Angelina Jolie outside of The Daily Show ended up having a panic attack:

And Jolie stopped to comfort her and make sure she was okay — even wiping away her tears and taking a selfie with the fan.

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5. This Kardashian fan tweeted at Kim looking for her at a Yeezus show, and Kim immediately responded and had her join her in VIP.

I’m sending someone to go get you so you can come sit with me!!! @MyleezaKardash Need your seat # & section. DM me ASAP!!!

— KimKardashian (@Kim Kardashian West)

6. This Essence reader tweeted Oprah about how much she loved her dress on the cover, and queen Oprah responded and actually sent it to her to keep.

@snobaby28 you’re right I won’t wear ever again contact my asst. and show her this tweet.

— Oprah (@Oprah Winfrey)

@Oprah THANK YOU!!! You are truly a blessing. Sitting alone in sadness and you have brightened my day. Bless U

— snobaby28 (@snobaby brandi)

7. This sick fan started a campaign to raise money for Britney Spears’ concert, and Spears ended up flying Cory and his family out to her Las Vegas show so they could meet.

OMG U GUYS @britneyspears MET CORY !Remember we trended #BritneyPleaseMeetCory. It actually happened so happy for him

— cjm_90 (@UnfollowBreatheHeavy)

8. This grieving widow tweeted Chad Ochocinco about her loss, and he immediately reached out and invited her to come be his guest at his wedding.

You have a passport? RT @cheryl2958: I’m feeling pretty low today. Lost my hubby 2 weeks ago. Together 30 years. Very hard.

— ochocinco (@Chad Johnson)

Can you pack and come to the wedding? RT @cheryl2958: @ochocinco Yes I do.

— ochocinco (@Chad Johnson)

Check ya DM… Just start packing… Evelyn will make arrangements… see you tonight/early a.m. RT @cheryl2958: Yes.where is it?

— ochocinco (@Chad Johnson)

@cheryl2958 Turn Up Ms. Cheryl, bring ya smile, dancing shoes and appetite… let me know when you receive confirmation… Turn up…

— ochocinco (@Chad Johnson)

9. This EDM fan tweeted Zedd about his upcoming show (and her recent surgeries):

@cartermckenzie @cntrpntmusic wishing you best of luck with your surgeries!!! See you at the festival 🙂

— Zedd (@Zedd)

And he immediately responded and reached out to the festival to put her on the list to his show.

@cartermckenzie @cntrpntmusic hey friends at counterpoint, can we please get carter on the list so she can watch the show???

— Zedd (@Zedd)

10. This Directioner had a panic attack while seeing Harry Styles at a One Direction book signing, and he stopped, went past the security barriers, and comforted her until she was okay.

I want to cry Harry is the sweetest human being I’ve ever known

— tamestyles (@yoli)

11. When an autistic teen was brutally attacked in Florida, Aaron Paul quickly reached out with a heartwarming message and an invitation to Disneyland.


— aaronpaul_8 (@Aaron Paul)

12. When a fan of Nascar driver Kevin Harvick tweeted to ask if he’d follow her, he replied by inviting her on a free trip to see him in the Daytona 500.

Hey @LouiseGroomer why don’t you come to the Daytona 500 as my guest? Everything’s on me! Flight, room, tickets you name it!

— KevinHarvick (@Kevin Harvick)

13. This fan tweeted at MLB star Kris Bryant asking if he could verify a bat he found online:

@mk9577 you don’t need to buy it! What do you want? I’ll send it to you!

— KrisBryant_23 (@Kris Bryant)

And instead, he ended up sending him a free, signed bat.

@mk9577 850 bucks?! That’s ridiculous! I’ll send one to you. DM me your address!

— KrisBryant_23 (@Kris Bryant)

I cannot thank @KrisBryant_23 enough for this bat! So blown away. Just made me a @cubs fan!! Thank you thank you

— mk9577 (@Mike in Vegas)

14. This fan tweeted at J. Cole about him being in her city, and he responded asking for her address to come play his new album for her.

Send me DM with your address I’ll come play u the album. @DaliaDk “@JColeNC: Dallas we hereeeeee” we gotta see you tonight 😭😭😭

— JColeNC (@J. Cole)

15. This Potter fan met J.K. Rowling at a book signing — leaving her a note on how much she changed his life:

So much derp

— Johnnie_Rowling (@johnnie)

And she ended up mailing him a personal letter with a Chamber of Secrets stamp on it, thanking him.

The parts of my letter from Jo that I can share…

— Johnnie_Rowling (@johnnie)

16. This Tumblr user wrote a post telling Taylor Swift she’d be at The Grammys, and Taylor tracked her down to meet her at the show.

17. This fan ran into Justin Bieber at the Apple store, and he ended up buying her and a friend their very own iPhones at the store.


— LaliBeliebsDemi (@Lali â™›)

18. This Breaking Bad fan was diagnosed with cancer, and his ultimate wish was to meet Bryan Cranston. After a #BreakingBrad campaign was started, Bryan ended up meeting him over Skype, and sending an ice cream truck to his neighborhood after the call.


19. When Harry Styles found out that Directioner Brianna was sick with cancer, he sent her a personalized video, telling her that she’s brave.

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Nothing like a few beautiful random acts of kindness to restore your faith in celebrities .

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