17 Things Pregnant Women Do That Blow You Away

Pregnant applause.

1. They watch their baby’s feet poke out of their belly and don’t need lifelong therapy afterward.

It’s like the scene from Alien IRL.

2. They practically become doctors.

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Listening to them talk to their OB is like watching a medical drama.

3. They somehow deal with yahoos who try to touch their belly.

4. They put up with the ridiculous things their loved ones say too.

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From her partner: “I’m afraid that I might hit the baby if we… you know.”

From her mom: “Can you believe you still have four months to go?”

5. They make eating well — and cutting out alcohol — an immediate priority.


If you were trusted to ditch hot dogs and beer, things wouldn’t turn out nearly as well.

6. When they do binge, though, it is epic.

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Frat boys and stoners everywhere salute them.

7. Speaking of food, pregnant women have an amazing power to procure any kind of food at any hour.

“Pickles and boysenberry pie at 4 a.m? Okay dokay. BRB.”

8. Their ability to “puke and rally” reaches expert level.


“That was a fun evening, wasn’t it?”
“Yeah, except for the throwing up.”
“You threw up?!”
“Yup. Three times.”

9. Their dedication to finding the right baby name is comparable to Liam Neeson’s dedication to getting his daughter back in Taken.

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10. When pressed, they give off a “do not fuck with me” vibe unlike anyone else.


11. They soldier through all kinds of horrors at the obstetrician.

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The ultrasound wand is only the beginning.

12. They somehow make it through that “is it gas or labor?” period.


If you had to deal with this every time you needed to let one rip, you would have a nervous breakdown.

13. They do all of this for nine months…NINE MONTHS!

Meanwhile, you’re not above whining about having a sore throat for a few days.

14. They literally push a baby out of their body.


This will always be mind-blowing no matter how many times it happens.

15. Women who get C-sections are warriors too.

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Note to all partners: Do not stand up in the middle of the C-section to see what’s happening.

16. Impressively, they maintain their sense of humor through it all.

17. Lastly, they welcome into the world a human being that they grew inside of them.


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