17 People Who Might Be Halloween-ing Just A Little Too Hard

Whenever Halloween rolls around, I always promise myself that I’ll make an awesome costume instead of just buying a cheap one.

But every year the same thing happens — I get lazy and put it off until the last second, when I eventually give in and head to the costume store. I have nowhere near as much Halloween spirit as other people clearly do.

With that being said, the spooky holiday can inspire some to take it a little too far with their outfits and decorations. These people definitely take the cake for Halloween dedication.

1. This guy printed a photo of his face and stuck it in a jar to freak his wife out on Halloween.

2. One dad was all too excited to send this lovely package to his son on All Hallows’ Eve.

3. “The Human Centipede” really, really shouldn’t be a costume.

4. What a festive holiday apron!

5. This guy stood still at a Halloween party for 10 minutes, effectively terrorizing everyone there.

6. Somebody sure had fun decorating their front steps.

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7. Why disguise yourself as a creepy clown on dry land when you can do it in the water?

8. That probably isn’t the best way to decorate your office, unless you’re trying to make your co-workers have heart attacks.

9. Again, you might want to tone it down for your poor co-workers.

10. He definitely gets an A for effort.

11. But she clearly wins at Halloween.

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12. If you’re looking for a great way to make your spouse hate you, this is it.

13. That’s how you get the cops called on you.

14. This is an invitation to a Halloween party that someone received in the mail.

15. What a tasteful costume.

16. This was in a school bathroom.

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17. An old lady made this monstrosity and took it to work to display it.

Well, I think it’s safe to say that I will never slay Halloween as much as those people did. That’s okay, though — I’m more than happy with sticking to my lame costumes.

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