16 Times Newman From “Seinfeld” Was The Most Real And Inspiring Person On Televsion

“Oh, the humanity!”

1. When he didn’t let the haters stop him from living his life:

Live your best life, Newman.

2. When he taught us all the valuable lesson: “Quit while you’re ahead.”


Nothing makes you feel better than lying in the fetal position feeling sorry for yourself.

3. When he was honest about vegetables:


Ban broccoli.

4. When he made his opinion on PDA clear:


I’m trying to watch a movie here!

5. When he perfectly described how a long week can feel:


6. When he reacted how we all do when someone mentions food:


7. When he was the picture of bravery in the face of peril:

A true American hero.

8. When he responded to disrespect:

9. When he advocated for the rights of postal workers everywhere:

Psh, like hell I’m going out there in this weather.

10. When he was down with the latest slang:

Newman was the original hipster.

11. When he wasn’t afraid to deliver the harsh truth:


Honesty is the best policy, after all.

12. When he spoke profoundly about the nature of love:


13. When he proved himself to be a true connoisseur of the arts:


14. And when he was an absolute lady killer when it came to flirting:


He is the picture of seduction.

15. When he was a master chef:


And also a master dancer.

16. And when other people started to notice what a complex individual he was:


There is, Elaine. There is.

All hail Newman, the realest of the real in television history.


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