15 Rainbow Lip Colors That Will Not Steal Your Credit Card Information

Lime Crime was hacked, here’s what to buy instead to get your pastel fix.

The cult favorite makeup brand Lime Crime is probably known to a lot of you — even if you’re not a gigantic makeup geek.

They’re stocked on Nasty Gal and at Urban Outfitters. Want a pastel lip color? Chances are, for years, you went to Lime Crime. They’ve been riddled with controversy over the years regarding claims of makeup repackaging (allegedly sending beauty bloggers cease & desist letters for bringing it up), accusations of racism for their packaging, and more.

The latest issue is credit card fraud. Customers took the brand to task on their Instagram for fraudulent purchases on their statements traced back to their Lime Crime orders. They posted an initial apology on Instagram.

The website is currently down, and they have admitted that customer information has been compromised.

Lime Crime Customers,

We have received reports of potential data breach on our website due to a hacker attack. We are NOT taking these reports lightly and are working with the authorities to investigate the nature and scope of the incident.

A few days later, they followed up with this Instagram apology and update.

At the point of publication of this post, they have yet to email their customers directly.

Cyber crime is a real thing and, unfortunately, it’s common. We have contacted law enforcement and have been working with forensic specialists in order to investigate the incident we believe took place on our website. What we know so far is that we’ve been attacked by hackers seeking to take credit & debit card data (based on our current investigation PayPal users were NOT affected). We do not yet know the window during which this occurred. We apologize profusely for any frustration this may have caused! At this time, we recommend that you review your banking activity vigilantly and contact your bank or credit card company immediately if any fraudulent transactions occurred. We will be reaching out directly to anyone that may have been affected with additional information and support. We are not going anywhere. All orders placed on the website will still be shipped! limecrime.com will return after we investigate and rebuild a better, safer, more secure platform for you. We will continue to share any information we have and are compiling an FAQ on the incident that will be available shortly.

So while we can’t recommend you buy from Lime Crime to get your pastel lipstick fix, here are some other options.

Because no one should be without the deep purple matte lip look of their dreams.

Portrait of Mai


Portrait of Mai



If one of the key reasons you love Lime Crime colors is the matte factor, you can make any non-matte lip color matte using tissue paper and translucent powder.

The Chronicles of Her / Via thechroniclesofher.blogspot.com

Just tap a bit of powder over your lips as they’re covered by the tiniest bit of tissue paper, and voila. Matte. Here’s a quick tutorial, though.

2. Then there is, of course, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, available at Sephora.

3. There’s KA’OIR, with mid-range lipsticks in all shades of the rainbow.

They’re waxy, and super pigmented and creamy all at the same time. I’m a big fan of the blue shades. Keyshia Ka’oir (the owner) encourages you to use glitter on top of them for maximum #look. It can lead to a pretty awesome result.

4. NYX Macaron Lippies, $6 each.

Here’s some swatches of the Macaron line. They have a metallic, jewel toned collection called Wicked, too.

Batalash Beauty / Via batalashbeauty.com

Here’s a direct comparison.

Dupe That / Via dupethat.com

5. Colour Pop Cosmetics, for $5 a pop.

They have a great range of “nudes” and their colors go opaque on every skin tone.

6. One of the most popular Lime Crime colors is “Salem” — you can still get the look, and for way cheaper at the drugstore.


Jordana is available at virtually every CVS and Walgreens. This color is “Coco Loco” and it is $1.99 as opposed to $20.

7. If you really want the liquid lipstick version, Coloured Raine has several similar colors.

Even the packaging is similar!

They’re seriously not playing with opacity here, people.

Each lipstick will set you back $15.

8. LC’s “Serpentina” is pretty hard to replicate, but there are options out there.

MishMreow / Via mishmreow.blogspot.com

From the left: Melt Cosmetics “Blow” for $19, Lime Crime “Serpentina” for $20, Illamasqua Lip Gloss in Violate. Also consider NYX’s latest metallic green lipstick, which clocks in at $6.

Here’s a side by side dupe of Colour Pop vs Lime Crime.

9. Want LC’s “Wicked”? Try Wet n’ Wild, for $1.99.

10. Looking for “Great Pink Planet”? You can go to MAC or Walgreens for that.

MAC “Saint Germain” for $16, Wet n’ Wild “Dollhouse Pink” for $1.99.

11. U.K beauty lovers — MakeUp Revolution is where it’s at. £1, hello.

View this embed ›

12. UK beautyholics also have Sleek Cosmetics available to them at Boots — and you can order them online, if you’re buying internationally.

These ring in at a cool $7.49 a pop.

You can mix any of these liquid lipsticks to make unique colors, too — a million shades in one, you know?

13. And lest we forget Melt Cosmetics, a brand that is perpetually sold out because it is awesome.

I have tried buying DGAF (that gorgeous blue) for months and it is always snatched up like it is the latest Yeezy shoe. If I had the Yeezy 3 I would consider trading it for DGAF, the love is that real.

Their customers all look amazing, just an FYI.

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