15 Problems Every Stephen King Fan Has

Aside from a life-long fear of clowns, St. Bernards, and 1958 Plymouth Furies.

1. Seeing this on the way to the grocery store and deciding to just call it a day instead.

2. Feeling an overwhelming urge to just peek down this storm drain. Just to see.

3. Having to ask the person at the front desk of the hotel if you can move to a different room.

4. Having to shop at the OTHER Target after seeing something like this.

5. Seeing this bumper sticker and worrying that you may have gone through a door you weren’t supposed to.

6. Seeing this and devoting your entire life to keeping it safe.

7. Knowing that this place will have exactly what you’re looking for, and then some.

8. Having to take the long way because you won’t drive down this road.

10. Seeing this and having to pull over and check… just in case.

11. Seeing the number nineteen everywhere you look.

12. Parking on the far end of the lot to give this spot plenty of space.

13. And then having to go around the block the long way when you see this.

14. Looking up in the sky and seeing th– ALL THINGS SERVE THE BEAM.

15. And of course, taking everything too literally.

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