15 Insane Things People Have Found In Their Attics…Why Is Everything So Creepy?!

If you had to pick the creepiest part of your house, you’d probably end up with either the basement or the attic. These are the two areas in most homes where nightmares live. Usually, these fears are just figments of our imagination, but occasionally they turn out to be real.

While you’ve probably read about weird and creepy things being found in people’s basements, what about the attic? Prepare to have the pants scared off you by these chilling and bizarre attic discoveries…

1. This is what your favorite doll looks like after spending 20 years in the attic.

2. I don’t know what this is and I have no desire to find out…

3. When you forget where you put the Halloween decorations.

4. People find giant wasp hives in their attics more often than you might think.

5. Not everything found in the attic is terrifying. How about this old, rockin’ comic book?

6. It looks like your grandmother used to have a drug problem.

7. Nothing like finding some old Nazi memorabilia in your grandparents’ attic…

8. One guy found this insanely creepy vintage baby photo in his attic. No idea where it came from…

9. Sadly, attics can also be a final resting place for small animals like this unfortunate bird.

10. It might be a mannequin or a mummified corpse…either way, I don’t want to hang around long enough to find out.

11. An electrician found these firearms in one guy’s attic. He says he’d been living at the house since 2008. Talk about freaky.

12. When the creepy pictures you hid in the attic strike back…when you see it.

13. Why they didn’t throw out the world’s most disturbing puppet is beyond me.

14. Talk about a grave discovery…hopefully this wasn’t stolen.


Yep, as if I needed another reason to avoid going up to my parents’ attic. I’m honestly terrified about what I’m going to find up there.

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