15 Garage Doors That’ll Make You Want To Leave The House Way More Often

Leaving the house to go to work or run errands is the worst.

I love to leave to grab dinner or go shopping, but more often than not, we’re running out to do something less desirable. Which is why seeing that garage door come down is a little disheartening.

But instead of dreading leaving the house, we’ve found a way that’ll have you looking forward to it every time. Garage door decals!

1. Always have a nice sunset to look forward to.

2. Now this is how you motivate yourself to go to work — vacation down the road!

3. Show your love for your furry friend.

4. Make your neighbors really jealous.

5. If you’re looking to be a little more modest, the tank-motorcycle combo should do.

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6. Neighbors will be in awe of your parking skills.

7. You can also just embrace what may happen eventually…

8. You don’t need tons of wine to have a fancy cellar.

9. Oh, this old thing? It’s nothing!

10. Make it holiday-specific and change it up each season.

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11. If you’ve always wanted a view of the Eiffel Tower…

12. Burglars will pass over the house with the old, rusting car.

13. Make sure it blends in seamlessly.

14. Some garage doors should only be closed at night.

15. It looks like a regular porch…

But it’s also a garage door!

(via LittleThings)

Okay, so that last one isn’t a decal, but it’s still way cooler than your garage door is right now!

Will you get a sticker to spice up your car’s home?

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